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✹ Your business is growing

✹ Your schedule overwhelms you

✹ You’re tired of repititive tasks

✹ You want to focus on something more profitable

✹ You realize others do it better

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Get to know me

Hello there, I'm Kate,

currently 21 years old, an ambitious, easygoing and goal oriented individual, that loves to watch movies and play video games in my spare time. I am currently in my 4th year in college from University of San Carlos taking up the course Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. Ever since, I have been interested in the field of the business industry, which is why I also took up the strand Accountancy, Business and Management in my Senior High School, to further learn and understand the nature of business and how it works. This is one of the factors that led to me to take up this course. During my years of education, I have been able to do some freelance jobs as well and managed a small business. This is since I had realized, that I had some spare time on my plate, which made me decide to invest in knowledge and skills through experience. Aside from earning experience, through these different opportunities, this has allowed me to earn, which has helped me and my family financially. I was able to manage my education and work life through proper time management.

During this pandemic, I have been able to work as a customer sales representative in a BPO company in our area for a telecommunications company for 5 months, but sadly our account closed at that time while having to experience being affected by the COVID 19 situation. This encouraged me to look for opportunities to have the ability to be able to work remotely. My sister introduced me to an opportunity to work remotely as a virtual assistant. I have been familiar with this field of work before, but I haven’t fully understood the skills required to be one. Which is why we decided to enroll at Virtual Assistant University by Virtualasting, to learn and acquire new skills in being a successful VA. Now, I can confidently say that I am able to apply my learnings to help other enterprises that are in need of my services. As someone who has a background of understanding the position of being an entrepreneur, I’m sure that the list of tasks of handling a business goes on and on, which is why I want to help you lighten your workload by being able to provide quality outputs and accomplish the tasks that takes time for you, so you can focus on what’s important. Hire me as your virtual assistant today and let’s grow your business tomorrow.


Facts About Me

✿ I love to watch movies on Netflix.

✿ Aside from movies, I love to binge watch sitcoms on my spare time like Friends, Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother.

✿ I currently have three dogs and I love them all equally.

✿ My parents named me Kate because my parents saw Titanic when my mom was pregnant with me and decided to name me after the female protagonist, Kate Winslet.

✿ I also love watching Kdrams whether they be historical or a romcom.

✿ I love to shop at thrift stores for clothes because it always feels like I’m finding a treasure and you never know what cool stuff you can find. It also feels great that the people around me like my fashion sense when I just got the branded items from a local thrift store. 


✿ I love listening to indie pop and whatever is on the top hits on spotify.


✿ I love taking photos which is why I worked as a freelance photographer at events before.


✿ I love to bike around the city and sing in my leisure time.



📍 Cebu City, Philippines


✆ 09474879745

✉ judee@virtualasting.com

📍17L Avenir Building, Archibishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu 6000