VA Juvie

Hi! Juvie Here. Nice to meet you. Born and hail in The Philippines. Finished a degree in Business Management. I also had the great opportunity to be part of an Intensive Internship at Virtualasting. Confidence and compassion is the product of knowledge and patience. Change and learning is the only constant into this world. I take those into heart and use it  on my V.A role and in my daily life.

I love free-flow writing, it makes my heart flutter and light. Whenever a thought rush-in, I write it in an instant. Especially those inspiring and heartwarming. I also love Cats (Dogs too). They are the most Majestic creatures into this world for me. Aside from my family, they are also one of the reasons why I work heartfully . 

The Universe did not accidently land you to my profile page, I am here and happy to serve. I hope you have a great day. Blessed your heart.

Your Virtual Assistant , Juvie Lacanilao.

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