Get To Know Me:

I’m Aeriel Vivares Taparra. 31. Married. A proud Cebuana residing in Cebu, Philippines.


I am easy going and the type of person who loves adventures. I love the beach, the waves hitting my skin, feeling the warmth of the sun, and enjoying company with people who are close to me. I love travelling, exploring beautiful places, experiencing the beauty of Nature, and meeting new people.


I am a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate from the University of Cebu-Banilad Campus. Actually, I studied BS in Nursing for about 3 years but decided to shift course because of my extreme fear of blood and organs. Nursing wasn’t really my passion and was only forced by my parents because of the potential income abroad.


I am currently employed at Duty Free Philippine as a Cashier. Due to the pandemic, I’m currently in a work at home setup and was not given a working schedule. Before being a Cashier, I was a Sales Assistant at Duty Free Philippines for about 5 years. Before Duty Free, I worked as a Marketing Assistant at Primer Group of Companies. I am knowledgeable in Sales, Cashier, and Customer Service Operations. With my previous employment, I also have few knowledge in Marketing.


I own a small milktea shop, The Beverage Cebu, managed by my husband. I usually do my Virtual Assistant tasks in our shop. I also help my mom in her business, Aromacology BC Banilad Cebu, and made her product the highlight during my training in Virtual Assistant University.

Fun Facts:

– My parents named me “Aeriel” from Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”.

– I have 4 dogs. My eldest dog is 13 years old and is still living with me.

– I also have wide collection of Guppy Fishes. I have several aquariums at home and I’m continuously collecting more variety of guppy fish strains.

– I currently have 6 love birds and hoping to get more birds with different breeds.

– Me and my husband got married after 15 years of being together. We were childhood neighbors who fell in love and built a future together.

– I have three sisters. Me and my second sibling enrolled with Virtual Assistant University together.

– I used to love Dancing and worked as a Dance Coach/Back Up Dancer when I was in College.

– I love clothes but I have this obsession with Thrift Clothes in Thrift Stores.

– I have the passion for cooking and I love preparing delicious food for the ones I love.


Cebu City, Philippines


17L Avenir Building, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu, 6000