Hi, I'm Ian Karl Estor

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Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant? Glad you came to my page. I can offer you the finest administrative assistance you will ever need. Feel free to scroll and look into my page because I’ll wait here. Hire me now! 

About me

My name is Ian Karl R. Estor, 26, graduated as an Avionics at Philippine State College of Aeronautics. 


I know you have lots of things to do ahead of you and don’t want to leave your small but important tasks unfinished.


With more than a year of experience as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of Quantum Vision Data Tech, I can assist you right here, right now!


With almost 2 years of experience as a customer service representative at Buwelo, I can reach out to your current or potential customers with ease.


I also finished my internship with Virtualasting under intensive hands on training for 2 months! 



So go ahead and hire me and I’d love to give you the assistance you deserve!

Why hire me? because...

I am the best there is!

I am innovative, professionally trained, finishes tasks with paramount accuracy without dramatizing and most of all, I am versatile.


Scroll down and you’ll see why…

What I offer

Real Estate VA

Appointment setting, data entry, brochure and flyers creation, calling customers and more.

Lead Generation

Updating correct contact details, email marketing, data mining, pursuing prospects and cold calling.

Content Marketing

Content and ads creation, target audience engagement, writing articles and more.

Chatbot Creation

Chatbot creation using Manychat and Chatfuel to attend customer inquiries effectively and actively.


Automating client's repetitive tasks to reduce work and increase productivity and monitoring.

Graphic Design

Aesthetics creation, attracting target viewers/audience using pleasing visual contents.


Sample tutorial #1

Shopify creation


shopify created
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Sample tutorial #2

Facebook ads


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Ian Karl Estor

your virtual assistant.